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USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus
Percorso: USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus


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Use when survivors discuss experiences with persons serving in the SS or SD. (en-US)


Persons serving in the Schutzstaffel (Protection Squad) or Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsfuehrers-SS (Security Service of the SS). SS guard detachments were originally formed in 1925 as Hitler's personal guard. From 1929 on, under Himmler, the SS developed into the elite units of the Nazi party. SS units carried out innumerable atrocities in the countries occupied by Germany during World War II. The function of the SD was to discover the Nazi party's enemies and keep them under surveillance. (en-US)


United States Holocaust Memorial Musuem. Days of Remembrance Annual. Days of rememberance, April 3-10, 1994: Fifty Years Ago, Darkness Before Dawn: planning guide for commorative programs. Washington, DC: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1994.

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