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Armata di Anders   Cerca

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Used for discussions of Anders Army. For discussions of other Polish units in the British, Soviet, or French armies, the index term "Polish units" should be used in conjunction with the relevant (French, British, Soviet) "armed forces" term. (en-US)


An army of around 80,000 Polish exiles that was formed in the USSR in 1941 by General Wladyslaw Anders. Following the German invasion of the Soviet Union (June 22, 1941), negotiations between the Polish government in London and the Soviet government (the Sikorski-Maisky Pact) led to the release of Polish civilians and POWs from Soviet captivity and exile. The planning began in August 1941 and recruitment centers were set up near Kuibyshev (Buzuluk, Tatishchevo, Totskoe). In January-February 1942, the army was moved to Soviet Central Asia (Yangiyul, Frunze, Guzar). In March-April and August-September 1942, Anders Army was evacuated across the Caspian Sea to Iran. There, it fell under British control and was moved via Iraq to Palestine. Anders became the 2nd Polish Corps of the British 8th Army and fought in Italy and France in 1944. (en-US)


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