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USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus
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Movement for the Care of Children from Germany   Cerca


The Movement for the Care of Children from Germany was formed in November 1938 in response to the degenerating political climate in Germany and Austria. One of several major organizations (including B'nai B'rith, Women's Appeal Committee, the Chief Rabbi's Religious Emergency Committee, and the Children's Inter-Aid Committee), it was chiefly responsible for the rescue of refugee children from the European continent. With certain restrictions, the British government provisionally accepted refugee children sponsored by the Movement. The organization in turn was held financially accountable for supporting the refugee children during their stay in the United Kingdom. The government also initially required refugee children who had been granted temporary residency in Britain to emigrate from the country either before the age of eighteen or upon completion of vocational training. Movement offices in Germany, Austria, Bohemia, and Moravia selected children eligible to immigrate to Britain. The first transport of children (a Kindertransport) arrived in Britain in December 1938. In the beginning, the children were housed in refugee camps. They were later placed with host families or in supervised hostels and training centers. In March 1939, the Children's Inter-Aid Committee and the Movement for the Care of Children from Germany merged to create the Refugee Children's Movement. By September 1939, the Movement had succeeded in helping an estimated 10,000 children reach Britain. (en-US)


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