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USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus
Percorso: USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus


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prigionieri, sinti e rom   Cerca

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Used for discussions of prisoners who were or who were incarcerated because they were Sinti and Roma. (en-US)


Prisoners who were members of the Sinti and Roma tribes, known pejoratively as "Gypsies." Persecution of Sinti and Roma was based on intolerance regarding differences in language, appearance, and their nomadic lifestyle. Granted full equality under the Weimar constitution, German "Gypsies" continued to be targeted by both new and existing discriminatory legislation. Such targeting continued on an expanded, and often "racial," basis throughout the Nazi period, resulting in an official program of deportations, concentration, and extermination of individuals of Sinti and Roma descent during the Holocaust. (en-US)


Gutman, Yisrael, and Michael Bernbaum, eds. Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994. p. 51, chapter 3

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