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USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus
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Etiopia 1918 (11 novembre) - 1939 (31 agosto)   Cerca


Between the wars, Ethiopia (Abyssinia) was an east African Christian kingdom ruled by Queen Zauditu and the regent Tafari Makonnen (Ras Tafari). In 1923, Ethiopia joined the League of Nations. Zauditu appointed Tafari king in 1928. The king embarked on a program of modernization by abolishing slavery, improving administration, public services, schools, roads, communication, and trade. After Queen Zauditu's death on April 1, 1930, Tafari was crowned Emperor Haile Selassie I, on November 2, 1930. Fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia in October 1935 and the forces led by Marshall Badoglio captured the nation after a seven-month war. Emperor Haile Selassie went into exile in Jerusalem in British Mandate Palestine on May 2, 1936. When the League of Nations made no effort to end the Italian occupation, the emperor moved to England. In 1936 the Italians joined Ethiopia to their colonies of Eritrea and Somaliland to form Italian East Africa. The Italian administration continued the modernization program as well as agricultural and industrial development. Ethiopians resisted the occupying Italian forces. (en-US)


Dear, I.C.B., ed. The Oxford Companion to World War II. Oxford and New York : Oxford Univerisity Press, 1995. p. 3-4

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