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USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus
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Austria 1934   Cerca


Definition: The May 1934 constitution promulgates a dictatorial corporatist state. However, Dollfuss stops short of supporting Austria's Nazi Party, preferring the Italian model of fascism. All political parties, with the exception of the Fatherland Front (Vaterländische Front), are abolished. In April 1934, "Republic" is removed from the official name of the state. It now becomes the Federal State of Austria. Nazi propaganda against Dollfuss reaches its height in 1934 and asserts that Jews control the Austrian leader. When Austrian Nazis kill Dollfuss during a coup attempt on July 25, 1934, Kurt von Schuschnigg, another non-Nazi right-winger, takes his place. In 1934, Austria's Jewish population numbers 191,000. (en-US)


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