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Abbellimento del ghetto di Theresienstadt   Cerca

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Use for general discussions of Nazi efforts to improve the appearance of the Theresienstadt ghetto for the purpose of creating publicity that would disguise the contemporary realities of the Nazis' treatment of Jews. Additional Notes: Index also discussions of specific activities contributing to the beautification project, such as "forced labor...", "visitors to the ghettos", etc. (en-US)


The "city beautification" begun in the Theresienstadt ghetto by the Nazis at the end of 1943. The project improved the appearance of the ghetto so that it could be shown publicly in a deceptive effort to disguise the contemporary realities of the Nazis' treatment of Jews. Led by SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Karl Rahm, the beautification brought some improvements of conditions in the ghetto, such as the construction of a concert/theatre/community hall, the distribution of beds, and improved access to food. However, it also contributed to the deportation of ghetto inhabitants who were regarded by the SS as spoiling the image of a model ghetto. The beautification effort culminated in the June 23, 1944, tour of the ghetto by a foreign delegation comprised of two Danish government officials, Frants Hvass and Dr. E. Juel-Henningsen, and a Swiss member of the International Red Cross, Maurice Rossel. (en-US)


Berkley, George E. Hitler's Gift: The Story of Theresienstadt. Boston: Branden Books, 1993. pp. 163-185

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